New Orgs at Wellesley

Wellesley Asian Dance Organization

With so many dance troops already on campus, WADO is distinguishable in its focus on East Asian dances. The dance troop consists of dancers who share a common interest in exploring East Asian cultures through dance and choreography. Their previous  performances  include a Xinjiang dance and the famous Rainy Lane in a Small Town (小城 雨巷), an umbrella dance that invokes the subtlety of southern China. While going on with this tradition, WADO is looking to include Korean and Japanese dances into their performance schedule. This semester, the dancers are performing in both Freestyle and WCD’s showcases, and are working on hosting their own performance next spring. Expanding its network  with dance organizations in the Boston area, WADO will sure present us with more beautiful surprises. Feel free to contact Sharon Zhang if you are interested.

Wellesley Out Loud

Wellesley Out Loud is a spoken word poetry group that aims to bring more poets to campus and create a community within Wellesley. The group has been very active; within the short span of two months it has hosted two open mics and poetry workshops. It hosted a POC open mic night in early September with Neiel Israel and Mezcla, Ethos and PAC. Just recently, Jess X Chen and Will Giles were brought in to perform and host a workshop with WAA. Wellesley Out Loud is planning on hosting a mental health open mic with Active Minds and WZLY on November 13th where students are free to present their work. If you’re interested in staying in contact, like our Facebook page and/or email Sam Chin to get on the mailing list.


-By Zixia Linda Liu ‘19


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