云在青山月在天 Clouds Above the Mountain with Moon in the Sky


文:刘梓侠 ‘19

手中无力挽回的 掌中断掉的线 眼中断线的泪珠 泪中模糊的影 影中记忆里的人

人的心里 从没占据过一个席位 我活在梦中罢了 一直活在梦中

求你 求你还要多久 一切总归有个期限

大限之至 那尽头许不许我一个不断的情缘

山那边 海那边

云在 月在 何时我能因此 得到恬淡的幸

最苦 最苦不过泪不能流 爱神射错了桃红镶金的箭矢

没有情人的注视 我仍旧独走 从一个月圆 走到下一个月升 


These hands are too weak to hold The thread broken in these palms The tears broken in these eyes The shadows blurry in these tears

The person from memories far away And In the person’s heart

I’ve never had my place I’ve been living in a dream I am living in a dream

I beg of you

I beg of you—how much longer will it take? Shouldn’t everything end, in the end?

Before my time is up

Will I be allowed a love that never ends?

In the other side of the mountains and The other side of the sea

There are clouds and

There is a moon

When can I feel blessed and satisfied Because of the moon and the mountains?

The hardest part,

The hardest part is but unshed tears The God of Love’s pink arrow Decorated with gold

Has missed its aim Without my lover’s gaze I’m still walking alone From one moon full

To the next moon rise


-By: Zixia Liu ‘19


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