Q(ueer) n' A(sian): Ramen n' Friends


By Angelina Li ’23

Q(ueer) n’ A(sian), a ramen study break for queer Asian students to connect with each other, was hosted in Acorns House on October 7 during LGBTQ+ History Month. The event was presented by Tea Talks, an anonymous support group for queer Asian students, in partnership with Karen Shih, advisor to Pan-Asian students.

The comfortable, welcoming ambiance of the Acorns House living room greeted the participants as we walked through the door. The room was staged for an icebreaker activity, with two rows of chairs facing each other in a set up decidedly reminiscent of a speed dating party. We had two minutes to converse with the person facing us before one row shifted left. During this time, we asked our partner three questions: favorite food, celebrity crush, and something you can’t live without. All the while, we casually checked each other out. Amidst the clamor of a dozen conversations, we heard the hosts shout, “if you vibe with someone, ask for their number!” As the getting-to-know-you session came to a close, we broke into small groups to enjoy ramen and relaxed conversation. Whether or not we ended up with someone’s number, this get-together provided a fun, inclusive space that encouraged members of the queer Asian community to openly connect. 

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