Dajaart: When Dad Jokes Become Art

By Abigail Chen ’23

Dajare (ダジャレ): 

  • Japanese word play, similar in spirit to a pun that relies on similarities in the pronunciation of words to create a simple joke.
  • Associated with oyaji gags (親父ギャグ), oyaji meaning “old man”, making them a near equivalent of “dad jokes” in English.

In 2015, visionaries Ryo Katsumura and Shun Inanuma joined forces to achieve the unthinkable. With Katsumura’s photography and Inanuma’s graphic design skills, together they transform puns into art by giving dajare, witty verbal jokes, a visual and aesthetically pleasing form. And thus DAJAART, a portmanteau of the words dajare and art, was formed. In Ja-pun-ese, the artistic duo’s options are limitless.


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